I dare you!

June 30, 2010 at 2:26 pm 2 comments

Good morning, afternoon, and evening!

Let me just say wow! God is good and things have been amazing. A huge HUG to all our surrounding friends, family, and a very special (gorgeous) someone! We have been so blessed by the support and extra hands involved in getting us started. It is good to know that when you are doing something right and through the hands of God – because everything just works out.

Well…to keep you all posted, we are working on some stories we will have posted sooner, rather than later. Most no one knows the behind the scenes of this small, yet accomplished company, so let me shoot you some insight. First, we have a team member out in Hawaii right now who is doing some amazing work and once he shakes off that aloha and has time to shoot me the details we will have a touching and inspiring story of some great work we are doing out there helping local villages with Mommas that need extra love! We also recently concluded an amazing missions trip in Costa Rica a couple months back in a small town…the experience and blessings involved in the trip could write a book but with some great photos and witty writing we hope to give you something worth reading and inspirational to get you doing something for someone.

The past couple of days have been just bliss and I have finally tapped into the secret to a great day…Are you ready?….EVERY DAY I challenge myself to seek someone in need or keep my ears and heart open for that person or persons that I may feel needs some love for the day. Pick up a stranger walking in this blistering heat, ask the guy behind the gas station if he has a place for lunch today…it will, without a doubt, insure the quality and blessings for your day. I guarantee it! Mark my words, if you allow yourself to get out of your comfort zone at least ONCE a day, I promise your day will be filled with greatness…here is the catch…don’t do it expecting anything, or running and bragging about how awesome you are…use the story or situation to spark the desire and interest in fellow friends or co-workers. Here is one last hint to another great day recipe. When you are sitting a traffic light and everyone is looking around sizing each others’ cars up and keeping a sharp eye out for the next Angelina Jolie or Brad Pitt, you will be surprised to see what keeping a smile will do to the others around you. Yeah, you may freak out the young lady that now thinks you are making a pass on her, but instead of awkward stares and judgmental thoughts…show them those pearly whites and make someone’s day.

  • Point to the story …There is nothing better then giving. You got karma believers and God believers and either way both say …What goes around comes around. So bless someone today and if the story is worth reading SEND IT TO ME! love4moms@live.com

For those a little more daring…Instead of driving around looking for a homeless guy, or someone suffocating in this heat…Close your eyes and demand God to put someone in your life today that needs a special blessings …and TRUST me you might just run into an old friend that you graduated with standing behind a gas station on the brink of suicide with nothing but two bags and an empty soul..Coincidence..I think not!

  • Oh by the way, spoke to Mrs. Parthermore, Joseph’s Momma…She is very thankful for the love and prayers and please continue to spread the story and do not stop sending over the blessings! Here is the link you should be throwing around like a hot potato!

Palm Coast Miracle In the Works.

  • Here are some updated photos of the Basket of a baby jar that are being distributed. We will have a list of the stores and locations that are displaying them. Don’t forget you can still make request via our site or just shoot me an email! No request is to large and we can make special orders with colors etc. We got the most amazing (drop dead gorgeous) women that can create that loving touch on any jar!

Honestly …God bless you and someone today so go rock n roll!



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Our Mommas in the Workforce Have Fun, Be Safe, Be Proud!

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  • 1. singlemama_cc  |  July 6, 2010 at 4:02 pm

    This is AWESOME! I love this idea and the way that you’re making it roll!
    Adding this to my #causestorock

  • 2. Camille Billy  |  June 30, 2010 at 3:05 pm

    Baby Pickel has inspired me to, now more than ever, to live my life the way God intended us all to! Baby Pickel – you are an inspiration to us all!


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