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After some prayer, it was decided that the 7th of every month would be the day to make sure a Pickel Jar was handed out to an individual who either needed it or knew someone that would be blessed by it. By now, most of you should know that it is our mission (on top of the other works) to bestow upon someone once a month a Pickel Jar. This is to continue God’s blessing to others and us.

Now, Wednesday of last week was obviously the 7th and God had not given us anyone yet. But, after Bible study that night, it was our time to rock! Just by chance I was talking to an old dear friend of mine (a 2nd mother to say the least!) and told her of how things had been going. She ended up telling me how she knows someone who not only could use this but knows will be blessed by the jar and by the message that it carries as well. So, bingo bango, I had myself our FIRST donated jar! Now it was a little dissettling because my objective was to meet the individual and gather a small but touching story to supply YOU, my wonderful audience, with some reading.  But it obviously didn’t work that way this time around and it was humbling to see how God was showing me that we aren’t in this for self-gratification. Little did I know what was in store for me 2 days later!

( Where do I get a jar?  Let us know!)

It is Friday evening and my beautiful, intelligent, Spirit-filled woman is by my side as we just are pulling onto I-95. As we make our way into a hopeful of fun on our evening, a dim light flashing on the side of the road catches my eye. With moments to think and check the oncoming race cars, I begin to slow down and pull over. I ended up a of couple yards in front of this shirtless young man, rocking a mowhawk and a book bag resting upon his sweat drenched body. Thrilled, he seemed ready to plead a convincing case to get in my car for a ride…to his amazement the door was already unlocked and my willingness to bring him was in gear. Stunned, my new friend Miles was informed to spill his guts and entertain me with his who, what, where, and why story. Miles was embarking on a journey that started in Jacksonville at around 8a.m. that morning. He had made it to around the Palm Coast area and his destination was New Smyrna Beach. His estranged girl friend had recently become pregnant and was in a physical altercation with the father of her child.

Without the doom and gloom, it was not a situation you want to wake up in…but here was Miles not only involving himself, but sacrificing much more then I would hope to see him do. This new age case of “Romeo & Juliet” was not my concern. As I kept him talking and answering my probing questions, I was led into informing young Miles why I had done this for him. I asked him and he replied, but he was wrong. You see, I informed Miles that I was not doing this for him, but I was doing it because I have been commanded to do unto the least of others and that he was indeed in the least of the situation. He seemed a bit stunned but was all ears. The conversation thus transitioned into a tool to witness about how these small gestures are a product of what it is only right to do. I was not led to drive Miles to his destination, nor did I support his cause to rectify an issue out of his control – but he did willingly grab my hand in a sweaty, smelly, anointed prayer.

As he concluded his visit with a water bottle in hand (compliments of the pretty lady), pickel prayer in pocket, and a soul-filled with divine intervention, I thought he was good to go. As the door became ajar my insightful lady gave me a crowbar of a reminder to give him a Pickel Jar. I was confused for a hot minute and then remembered the girl friend who was having a baby soon. I stopped Miles and asked if she was having boy or a girl. Before he finished his reply, a beautiful Baby Pickel Jar was in front of him and set his spirits that much higher.
I dropped Miles off that night and had the same emotional remnants I have after completing a task like that. I don’t feel as if I did good, I feel as if I did what I was suppose to do – knowing that I am sewing into the Kingdom and will be blessed for my obedience. As we drove off and the fast beating heart of mine and my pretty lady’s began to settle, I was reminded on how amazing and glorious it is to never ever under-estimate God.

To conclude this amazing story…that same evening I was blessed with spending some good old-fashion quality time with some friends I have known for many, many moons. I hadn’t seen most of them lately due to my over-abundance amount of work and dedication to my new direction in life, so most had some comments and all had questions. I know it is hard for many to see this once self-indulgent, non-caring individual totally 180 and change an entire business agenda and personal life for the sake of others. I am willing to allow explanation only to those I know will listen and understand. As I began telling of the good works and new direction, Mile’s story surfaced. As my friends with ears glued to me shocked in amazement that I would do such a thing, one of them shouted out, “ did this guy have a mowhawk?!” Stunned I told him “yea, why?” Well earlier that day my friend had seen the same guy walking in the Jacksonville area as he made his way down I-95. He even had mentioned how he made a “smart” remark to his girlfriend about “look at this guy, must be crazy walking in this heat!” What everyone found most shocking was not only the coincidence, but the confirmation behind the truth in which my story held.

You see, I left the evening with that being one of many stories I had allowed myself to relish in as I now make it my goal to give as much as I can. Turning off what I think is right and moral – to following what God may have you do and what you may want to have done to you one day. If all I did was plant a seed of curiosity in one of my friends that evening due to my new lifestyle, then I feel as if I did good. Do not allow others to discourage you with their accomplishments or accolades but allow it to inspire you to do better.

There will always be those less fortune around you. Whether it is financially or mentally, they are everywhere. Seek them out and LOVE them.

If you ever want to know who the people, who have a hard time helping and can’t remember that last time they did something selfless, are…they are the ones you just got off the phone with complaining about their self-centered life.

Get busy ladies and gentlemen, for you never know when it may be your day that you need a helping hand.



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