7 Figure Numbers? Yes 7.

July 16, 2010 at 9:34 am Leave a comment

To those who question the reality and blame everything on coincidence…let me take this time to complicate your opinion.

With the company and its memento picking up daily, it is inevitable that the funds necessary to keep the business going is a major aspect.

Most of you know that we did not make the Forbes list again this year but are on track for next year! :0)

We are not embarrassed to state that at this point, we operate at a low expense and income to match, but we are comfortably operating like this and knew that this time around.  We are at peace with the course in which God has us on.

As we began full operation of Baby Pickel in mid-June, we knew we would be coming across our first round of liabilities this week. Now for those non-believers and people who think milk just spills due to Newton’s law of gravity, then allow me to riddle you this.

The “coincidence” of meeting Alpha Pregnancy Center, to whom led us to our beloved Kim’s Salon & Serenity, to whom led us to Vicky, with Covenant Closing to whom led us to the many blessings we continue to share with you are not instances we blame on “chance.” For you Christ believers, it is not hard to see that WE as a company are walking in the abundance in which we have sewn. Blame it on karma or blame it on God. Either way there is a consequence for everything and in this case due to our obedience and pure intentions, we are walking in victory.

I was talking to a close friend of mine the other day (sorry bud, had to use ya!) and I stated, “it is because of God that this company will operate in 7 figure numbers one day and will be known around the world for what we can do for others.” He nodded his head in a “yes” type of fashion. He then went on to say – after he had a minute to think about it, “no, it is because you work hard at making it become that.” Though the statement still holds truth and yes WE do work VERY hard, and though God states He will not bless idle hands, it is still not the ultimate reason we will relish in heavy financial breakthrough one day so that we may give it all.

A great man once said, you can’t fail if you keep trying. Many of the people and friends I have met along the way of this long journey had thought Pickel Clothing had come and gone in the fashion they so thought it would. Little did they know that something was ah’ brewing since 2004. Little did I know as well that this wonderful new way of life and business was for US to enjoy.

How do I know we are still on the right course?

  • Because on the 12th of this month just days before our first bill was due the we sold the EXACT number of Pickel Jars necessary in order to pay off the debt. Coincidence, folks……really?

Stop, think about what you did yesterday. Did you do something selfless for someone?

If you answered yes to that question, tell me about it.



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