We grow if you grow.

July 20, 2010 at 11:20 pm 1 comment

It is Wednesday and most of you know that. For those who don’t – now you do.

Here is something else you might not know…

Monday was very hard for me. After a poor response over the weekend – even with pumping out a ton of Pickel Prayers and multiple posts to get you guys busy…there was not much of anything.

Now, do realize, the toughest critic out there is going to be myself. I expect and work for excellence. With my head held low for just a moment, I began to exercise the words I heard spoke during Sunday’s message.

It was taught, remember how POWERFUL your words are and the impact in which it plays within your life. Day by day, hour to hour, to the very minute, your words will dictate the abundance in which you walk. Now, don’t get all huffy tuffy and think to yourself, “here we go again with some church mumbo jumbo!” You see…anyone with wisdom, no matter what race or religion, will teach you the same values.

Speak it, live it, and it will become a part of what you are. Speak destruction, depression, brokenness, gossip, etc. and you watch…you will live in all of it and have no one to blame but yourself. The interesting thing is, some people wonder why they still live in it and they never speak anything like it. Well, let me inform you of why. You are also a by-product in what you allow to enter your mind and body. Eat McDonald’s for a week straight and in between one of your bathroom breaks, weigh yourself. What you put in becomes part of you. A BIG part of you. Watch, listen, and sing to the many ridiculous TV shows and music of today and then we wonder why we are literally living proteges of what they portray. Women wonder why they feel disconnected to their husbands as they fast forward the tivo to resume their “Desperate Housewives” sitcom. Men wonder why they do not long for their wives as they reboot their computer from another crash due to the porno sites.

It is such a simple method. Keep what you ingest clean and pure – and you will produce the equivalent.

Here is the miracle of the day.  It will help illustrate to those without faith, the abundance in which this company is living in.

As I wake up I begin to speak VOCALLY about how ridiculously amazing my day is going to be. How I will be given people, places, and instances that will not only bless me but will allow me to bless them.

I speak “7 digits” over the company and our finances. I speak health, unity, and I rebuke any sickness or devourer by me or my family! I get loud and I get busy. Lose your job today, great…praise God – He must have a better one waiting for those who “shut up” and stop thinking about how YOU are going to get the job done and let God take care of it. I speak with this authority because I am speaking to myself! Learn from our walk through trying to bless people and the highs and lows so that you may become a great and faithful GIVER to those in need!

After I shut my mind off and was sitting around those I work with, I knew what I had to do – SPEAK success through my sorrow. To eliminate my appearance as a fool and disturbing the work place, I chose to open up a new Word document and began typing. This is exactly what I began to type:

Today we will live in the most amazing victory thus far.

I will be contacted by someone or spoken amongst the right people with the right heart that share our goal.

They will confine in them an urge to want to assist the company in the manner God sees fit to assist.

I thank you heavenly Father and give you the praise before during and after.

Monday, July 19, 2010 12:36:42

I receive this: Monday, July 19, 2010 12:37 PM

Hi Vincenzo,
I’ve been trying to think of some ways to help get the word out about you guys. I love what you are doing and I really want to help. Giveaways are always a good way to get people attention. People love to enter contests for free stuff. I would also be happy to write an article about your efforts and publish it in our newsletter. If you could give me a few points that you would like my article to focus on it be would appreciated.
I’m open to any ideas as well. Feel free to offer suggestions or give feedback.

Garah Cassady
Editor/ Publisher

You see folks, if you do not believe me…I really don’t care. My goal is not to gain your belief, nor anything you could offer. My goal is to be obedient to what is commanded of us so that I may be able to only SPEAK what I need and every desire of my heart shall be granted, if living a life through God. It is then you strive to not only give back to your community and friends but to try and spread and teach the beneficial lifestyle that is granted through servant-hood.

Garah, you are truly are an answered, or should I say spoken testimony, to re-affirm myself and those others involved in our company. It is a reminder that we are serving a great God and all those we contact and are able to bless shall be blessed mightily.



Entry filed under: Chenzo Script.

For those of you still crying from yesteday’s post. Some are in a Pickel…While others are in a watermelon.

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  • 1. pupetta  |  July 21, 2010 at 8:55 am

    Spot on! It’s not arrogance it’s faith in a living God you have. The word says, “as a man thinkith so is he” “out of the abundance of the heart a man speaketh” . By faith say what you believe for and believe what you say.


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