Out of the cab and up the stairs to a good deed

July 29, 2010 at 8:00 am Leave a comment

A wonderful guest post by the beautiful: Tiffany Wiggen

I can hear the car honking again and again outside my apartment, and curiosity of course drew me outside. Once outside I looked upon and taxi cab with a driver in the car still honking away at the horn. I was looking around and saw no one getting in the cab and at first was confused, until I saw an older women running up and down two flights of stairs taking her groceries out of the trunk. I knew the women briefly, we had met in our clubhouse of our apartment complex and her name was Maria, but that thought was disrupted because of the repetitive honking for the taxi driver. I was in shock, because Maria was struggling and this taxi driver just did not seem to care. Immediately I start helping with the groceries, at least to get them out of the trunk of the taxi and send this man on whatever job he was in such a rush to do in the first place. At first the women, who hardly spoke English was confused, she was not sure if I was taking them for myself, or helping her. Mind you it was close to noon on a Saturday in the middle of July. Eventually we get them out of the trunk and sent the taxi cab driver on his way, and Maria was trying to tip me. I did not do it for the money, nor was that any way a motive, I was simply helping a fellow human being that was struggling. I had the time, and the strength and there was no reason for me to not share the two. Once all the groceries were upstairs and outside her door I realized why this women was so grateful for my help. Inside were her 3 children, waiting patiently for her arrival. The oldest of course left responsible for her younger siblings. The children, out of school for summer vacation, were quick to introduce themselves and their English was well above Maria’s. The 13-year-old was helping translate between the mother and I, while I was offering to drive her once a week at the same time to the grocery store. As our friendship grew over the year I realized that although there was a language and age barrier, there are still humans in need right next door. Literally a floor and a door away from me, Maria was struggling to provide for herself and her family. I realized than that those in need are often the closest to you. I might of taught Maria something about language, or even society, but Maria taught me so much more. It is a simple good deed like helping someone with groceries that really can change the world.

-Tiffany, your story is much appreciated and our tired fingers give you a heart filled high five!

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Pickel’s “believe it or not.” Back to School With Baby Pickel

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