A Testament of Faith

August 2, 2010 at 8:00 am 1 comment

To our talented, gorgeous, faithful, love infested readers who have been an answered prayer and fulfilled prophecy to us.

We would like to tell you that your Monday will begin with a swing of a different bat today.

All of you have been so amazing- and to those who have provided us with donations, purchases, stories, and your beautiful eyes upon this blog, we are GRACIOUS and APPLAUD you for all you have done. It is because of you we are defying all the odds and becoming a company that is not experiencing any lack but is also able to provide the financial and Spiritual blessings we have set forth to do within our city.

For the Mommies we have blessed, THANK YOU! It is because of you we are here and hope to stay close throughout your life. We are not going anywhere and will always be here as we get bigger.

Enjoy your Monday post and prepare yourself for the most amazing week you have ever had…no joke!

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A guest post by the beautiful: Diana Toomalatai

Marie came to Alpha Pregnancy Center requesting a pregnancy test and medical resources. She was quickly assisted by a volunteer and a self-administered pregnancy test was taken. To her shock and pleasure the result was positive. Marie stated that she needed a refresher on pregnancy and infant care. Until her 8th week of pregnancy everything appeared normal. Then she began to complain of cramping and bleeding soon followed.

Marie went to the doctor and he confirmed her worst fear. The doctor diagnosed the situation as a miscarriage and that the baby was dead.  He wanted to act immediately and pushed for Marie to get a D & C (dilation and curettage). She was told that a miscarriage was natures’ way of ending an unhealthy pregnancy. Marie went home discouraged. She told us about her current condition and we prayed together and encouraged her to have faith that God would be in charge of this whole situation.  Several calls were made by the medical office urging her to schedule the procedure. Marie stood her ground and stated “I will not get the D & C and I will not come until my scheduled visit next week. If I loose my baby, it will happen naturally.” Marie’s next prenatal visit brought good news. The ultrasound showed the baby’s development was healthy and the pregnancy was progressing normally. If Marie had not been so determined to wait, a perfectly healthy pregnancy would have been terminated.  Marie now has a beautiful daughter that is 2 years old and to honor our LORD and SAVIOR she named this precious person Faith.

Faith working at Alpha ( 2 years old) and Marie has become a Volunteer to help others who find themselves in difficult situations.

-Thank you for the amazing story Diana! We are glad to see everyone beginning to contribute stories whether new or old…Keep them coming!


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  • 1. Tonya  |  August 2, 2010 at 9:47 am

    Diana, you are an inspiration!! Thank you for sharing your story with us! God bless!


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