Get Right

August 12, 2010 at 8:00 am Leave a comment

Yesterday was a day filled with nothing but right directions.

Carrying out all that was asked of us and following the will of God is nothing but pure bliss.

When doing right and heading in His direction, it is amazing how everything throughout your day will go right…

When raining on your special day of business all dressed to the nines – it will stop.  It is when you are able to stop worrying and truly allow God to handle ALL things do you truly begin to relish in the freedom of victory.

Our company was blessed with the opportunity to have an amazing Spirit-led meeting with the admirable “Our Children First” group in Dayton Beach – with absolutely no objective but to share our vision and root visions together in God…They loved our baby jar !

It was a blessing and huge step in the right direction as we as a company begin to grow…

If you caught one of our tweets yesterday, you would know that the daily visitors to our site(s) has been just insane!

With not a dollar spent on advertising, it is ridiculous how for the 2nd month of operation, we are operating in the “green” (meaning – NOT BROKE!) and our blog is one of the top visited pages on the web!

We would like to give a special warm THANK YOU! to Trish and Regina for yesterday and if you may need anything ever to let us know!

Folks, I would like to let you know that sooner than later, if you are not contributing to the bettering of someone else’s life on a daily basis, that you will soon be left behind as others begin to grow…not with money or tangible gain as a motive, but rather establishing life long meaningful and most importantly POWERFUL bonds between those that will be there until the end…

Evaluate those you hold high in your life…especially NON-blood related friends…then ask yourself if they would lay their life down for you…for a TRUE friend would lay his very own down for you so that you may live…

…Maybe you would be surprised how many acquaintances we have been entertaining and not the ones that truly need you.


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