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Hey guys, since the guys at Baby Pickel have been on the road the past couple of days due to family situations I figured it was a better time then ever to share a funny little story…

I was a student and was lucky enough to find a summer job at a factory. The workers were mostly women, very down-to-earth and realistic. However, they enjoyed a good laugh as much as anyone.

One day one of the ladies came to visit to show her newborn baby to us. As you can imagine, immediately there was a ring of cooing women around them, admiring the beautiful newcomer.

funny babies - bee baby – How beautiful she is! someone said- Absolutely gorgeous! Her father must be very proud!

At this, the new mother started laughing out loud.

– Proud, well… You should have seen it! When the father and baby first met. – What do you mean?

Everyone was curious.

– Well, it all happened so quickly he did not reach the hospital before the baby was born.
He rushed into the maternity ward and into our room as soon as he could.

Everyone nodded, smiling at the familiar story.

– He bent over the baby to have a first look. His expression was a bit odd, so I asked if something was wrong. Well, you all know what a newborn looks like.

Nods of agreement.

– I suppose in this case it was the eyes. You know how they can be a bit bulging at first…

A murmur of agreement.

– Well, he looked at me and said: “But… the baby looks just like a bumblebee!” And right after he had said that a nurse walked into the room, saw him bending over the cot and cheerfully announced: “So you are the proud father. And I can see the baby looks just like you!”

Lots of love, Veronica…aka Bumblebee’s hubby! 😉

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