Happiness Is… (Guest Post!)

September 21, 2010 at 6:00 am Leave a comment

A Special Post by CourtneyKirkland.com

We want to know what makes you happy…comment below and share with us !

Watching this little blue eyed boy fall in love with life…

Telling my husband that I love him at least 8 or 9 times before we ever say goodnight…

Opening the door to Little Man’s bedroom in the mornings to find him standing up in bed with a grin on his face…

Hearing one simple word: “Mommy.”

Watching Little Man discover the world around him and how things work…

Knowing that my husband is achieving his dreams and fulfilling his passion…

Knowing that God blessed me with a faithful, loving and supportive husband who would sacrifice anything in this world for his family…

Photography. Seeing the world for what it truly is…

Mending friendships and relationships from the past with people you still genuinely care about…

An answered prayer. Even if it isn’t the answer we want…

Coffee…lots and lots of coffee first thing in the mornings…

Knowing that my future is not in my hands. That I don’t have to worry about where the road is going to lead, because someone much bigger and much more powerful than me is in charge…

Knowing that I am forgiven. Even though I don’t deserve it…

Happiness is…

Seeing Little Man go from being a baby to a toddler…with all of the “boy” characteristics in tow:

The beauty of God’s creation, even in it’s simplest form…

Living the life I was intended to live with the people God intended me to share it with…

Happiness is…




Happiness is choosing to view the world in a positive light. Choosing to cast out the negative and thrive on the beauty and greatness that is around us. If marriage, parenting and photography have taught me nothing else, it is that you make your own happiness. You choose it. You embrace it. You can see the world in whichever light you wish.

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