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October 14, 2010 at 6:00 am 3 comments

The sun was shining bright as I left Church last Sunday.

It was a stroke of a different color that day with a service packed with amazing and life changing events.

It is amazing to learn from older generations…it is one of our best, still existent, free, and most vital ways of truly learning the things that pertain to real life scenarios.

To hear that just a couple of decades ago, Sunday was a day where not only businesses were closed, but the days were spent with family and friends. -An almost un-written rule amongst those of American Societies.

I can say that my generation was the last generation to grow up during childhood without the crazy fast communication of cell phones and information overflow of the internet…

I can still remember my Mom yelling at me to go to the library just to look up the needed information for an overdue book report…

You see, I think, it was not about the lack of communication or information…because I am a huge advocate for newer technology and fun gadgets…the only thing I can say we have allowed that to do to us is lose what it is that is most important.

Ask me to compose an article on nuclear energy and how it could work on Mars….give me a couple hours or days and you bet you got yourself an article pumped with more information and instruction on how to do it!

But ask me over for lunch, HA, then you see…that requires sacrifice. Something completely different than typing a couple of things into “google” and coming up with an answer…it takes actual time. That takes a relationship. Communication and once I am there…my time will be spent engaging with you….

One of my main reasons for birthing Baby Pickel was to allow myself (and those who participate) a true, genuine way of giving and loving on an intimate level with those of whom we come in contact with. No more just dropping off clothes in a dumpster and feeling good about yourself.

For those who we have come in contact with…and, you know, for every time we come to pick something up…we hug, pray, and stay for a minute to thank you for what you have done. For those who we have given things to you know those three things reflect the same.

I want to grow with you. I want to love you and be here for you.

As I left church that Sunday, my beautiful, talented, most amazing woman I have ever met significant other, had to dash to work. I felt led during service to make it my duty to drive into the heart of the so called “ghetto” of Bunnell in Palm Coast, Florida. I had never been “IN” the area but all around it. Pumped with fear and rumors of how sketchy it is…I prayed and punched into the heart of it totally solo.

Eyes glaring and curious faces…I finally pulled up to a side street sit show. Meaning, a group of guys just sipping on choice drinks watching cars go by on a some side street…so, I used this to my advantage and hit it.

“How you guys doing?” was met with a nod and no verbal answer. I stayed in my car to continue to evaluate the scene…the car and the way I was dressed could be pretty tempting for someone looking to rob…

“You guys know of anyone around here who just recently had a baby, you see, I am suppose to meet someone but don’t know her name, you guys wouldn’t happen to know would ya?”

“How long ago she have it?” one of the gentleman replied.

“Not sure, why know someone?”

He returned with, “ya, my daughter just had a baby and could use anything you got!”

Bingo bango ladies and gents! As he came to my trunk packed with gear, his sitting partner came on over and informed me he knew of someone too!

Bing, bang, boom, just like that they were handed all that I had and with smiles and handshakes, we acquainted ourselves and told them I would be frequenting the area so keep an eye out!

Broken barriers of fear and no hesitance rewarded me on top of the fulfillment of following God’s request that day.

It was truly joyous! You say, why would you talk about it on here?!

I gave them a nickname of mine and didn’t associate the giving in the name of Baby Pickel…

It was truly to give out of my heart …anonymously and lovingly.

Many people have and continue to try to talk me out of giving as much as I do…

“You need to be keeping track of all that!”

“Write that stuff off!”

….I say, do it for me ….until then I will continue to spread all that I am to those I love….

If you would like to donate a baby jar to a Mommy In Need, ….we have the Mommie’s and ask to just use our DONATE BUTTON for $10 and we will arrange the rest.

Much love to all of you and thanks for stopping by!


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  • 1. ~*~saskia~*~  |  October 15, 2010 at 11:34 am

    Hi Camille, have a most wonderful weekend! Sending some sweet Dutch raindrops your way xxx

  • 2. Nicole  |  October 14, 2010 at 9:47 am

    How rewarding was that!?! I am so proud of you!! I know that had to be scary at first but so thankful God was there with you and led you to the right people! Yay!!!

    I totally agree with the first part of your statement. Why is it so hard for us to want to have company over and actually engage? Once they are here though I do put all my attention, well what I can with a 3 year old, to them. It is so much easier to hop on here and have ‘conversations’ with people. That does need to stop and go back to the old ways, the fun times of family and friends!

    Love your post this morning!

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