The Throne

January 3, 2011 at 7:00 am Leave a comment

Alright so I have quite the story …

Most of you know…but for those who don’t, I grew up in a big thick Italian family, with relationships strong between each of us. With being the first grandchild within the family, I was spoiled beyond recognition!

I have been blessed to this day with a strong knit family, which most are still a drive or a phone call away…but with many stories, places, and artifacts I have to contribute to special meanings, I have to say one sticks out more than others…

Before I left for some world travels about a year ago, my father was kind enough to store some things of mine in a storage unit. I learned an important lesson though and that was, when your dad says you have 2 weeks to get your last remaining belongings out of storage…he ain’t kidding.

Last weekend, due to my procrastination…the date came to clear out the storage unit and before I knew what could happen, it was on a truck to the unknown. After a short spat with Pops it was clear that my grandfather’s lazy boy, packed with memories and the calming aroma of love was gone.

It was a trying period for me as I tried to wrap my head around the fact that at the end of the day, it was my negligence but no matter who and what the issue…it was gone!

As I was preparing myself for a lifetime without my special chair, Ms Pretty Billy was behind the scenes tracking down my chair’s every move! After a few days…believe it or not, our very own private eye was able relocate my cherished chair in Daytona Beach at an AmVet!

After much favor and a beautiful lady named Toni running the AmVet, my best bud Terry and I made our way on operation “chair covert.”

As we rolled in, it was clear this was quite the mission. My precious chair was on its way to hitting the floor before myself and wingman were able to retrieve it and bring it back to its humble abode. As we drove home that day, with my beauty of a recliner swaying in the wind behind us, I had a chuckle to think that through the tribulation..I was given a great story to share with you and the many more who sit on my throne.

The week ordeal was quite the experience and can say, never ever, ever procrastinate with your fathers word! Also, never under estimate the capacity of care someone could have for you!

So thank you so much to Ms Pretty Billy for orchestrating the entire operation. Sorry to my Pop, and to my wingman…the eagle has landed!

My Nonno, (grandfather) your chair has seen quite the adventure and now it has more meaning than ever. But do not worry it is safe, warm, and already building more tall “tail” tales.

Below is the chair…have you ever seen such a beauty?


Don’t forget…


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