Thoughts on Thursday

February 24, 2011 at 7:00 am Leave a comment

As we stay busier than we were in the beginning…it is becoming harder and harder to share everything.

I have been thinking about this for quite some time now and in the beginning of this adventure I was very against getting personal.

Illustrating who and what it was “I” am.

I wanted a some what allusive nature to everything so that the main focus was kept on the people in need vs the people doing it.

After the beginning of the year and much prayer I made the decision to allow this blog to illustrate not only who and what we do but allow those who care a chance to see that it is the simple people of this world that can make the grandest differences.

You all have became a major ingredient in the ever changing recipe that makes me.

I thank you for your love, support, and even criticism at times.

I need it, we need it, and most importantly those out there need it.

Not many know, but I took after my Father’s, Father when it came to writing my thoughts down.

I can’t make myself do it and there may be some days or months that go by that I can’t stop writing. Then there are also those times where I can’t remember the last time I jotted down my feelings.

Let me take this moment for the first time to share my work (nothing special, just my thought and writings) with you.

I hope this may spark others in sharing or debate in general.

…I had just made some serious changes in my life back in 2007 and I had been writing a lot..this was one.



Begin to look at what you may never have looked at before….


Your surroundings have changed and the faces you see spark no memories…


Faint but sweet, long but bitter…..


Is this real?


Is this the first step?


It feels so sudden but yet so comfortable


I bend with change and resist the inevitable.


I enjoy the spontaneous decisions that make up the unseen path before me


You read this


You comprehend this


Bring to the table the very things you believe to be true


I enjoy this


I have no regrets


I want what I don’t want


It is what we do


I give the praise to the One above


I will receive what is meant for me to endure



Want what you want.




V.Desroches 2007


Entry filed under: Chenzo Script.

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