DASH for Organ Donation

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When I found out what my awesome, amazing, gorgeous friend Andrea was doing and why…I couldn’t wait to share this with you all! She has so much heart!

DASH for Organ Donation – How YOU Could Save a Life

Since the day I received my license I have been an organ donor. I never put much thought into this, except for the fact that “well, what do I need them for once I’m gone?” It wasn’t until this past year that I truly discovered the importance of being an organ donor.

During my freshman year at college in 2004 one of my best friends, Bryan, had a heart attack. He had open heart surgery at which time they implanted a defibrillator/pacemaker. He had a few bumps along the way after that, but nothing major. He graduated college in 2007 and got a great job. All was well until spring of last year. He noticed he was quickly becoming tired more often. A trip to the doctors confirmed what everyone was afraid of – it was time for a new heart. He was listed on the transplant list in early August of 2010. He was listed at a status 2. He did all of the required testing for transplantation and got back some less than fantastic test results. These resulted in him being hospitalized for 8 days and being placed on an IV medication, Milrinone, until he receives his new heart. This bumped his transplant status up to a 1B, the second highest status). It is now the end of February 2011 and we’re still waiting for him to receive the call that will save his life. He is doing well, but could be doing much better. He has a PICC line in his arm to receive his IV medication constantly throughout the day. This medicine does not allow him to drive, so until he receives his new heart he’s forced to rely on others to get him places. Recently he has had to stop working because it was wearing him out too much. His spirits are high, but we all know that he is more than ready to start the next chapter of his life; being healthy. I pray every day that today will be the day he gets his call.

Being as he lives about 3 hours away from me, I don’t feel like I can do enough to help him. I’m unable to drive him to doctor’s appointments or keep him company when he can’t go anywhere. Fortunately for me his doctors are in Philadelphia (a half hour drive from my home) so I’m able to visit him when he is there. In the mean time, it’s hard for me to sit here and feel like I’m not helping. This is where DASH comes in. DASH is a run/walk held in Philadelphia that supports organ and tissue donation awareness. I have signed up for this walk and fundraising for it has become my passion as of late. Did you know that 1 donor can save the lives of up to 50 people? I sleep well at night knowing that when it’s my time to go, I will save lives even after I’m gone. I’m here to ask that you take some time to consider a few things. Please consider donating to my cause. I know times are tough, but every bit helps. I also ask that you pass this along, as I feel it’s an important story that people should be aware of. Lastly,and most importantly, I ask that you consider being an organ donor and saving lives. Perhaps one day you could save someone with a story like Bryan’s. Thank you!

Link to donation site: http://2011dash.kintera.org/faf/donorReg/donorPledge.asp?ievent=460816&lis=1&kntae460816=C6C1E285D8D940DAB3DE3ED391BBC6EE&supId=321192008


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