April Fools

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We’ll be nice and we won’t do some crazy April Fools joke on you…takes too much time and if we can’t physically see your reaction, where’s the fun in that? 😉

I’ll share with you one of the best April Fools jokes that has been played on me…

This was about two years ago, I was in Europe studying abroad. At the time, I was on my break from school and my mother came to visit me. We just got off of a plane from Paris and was on a bus headed to our hotel in London. Since I was studying in Scotland for six months, I purchased an “on the go” phone that worked in the United Kingdom. I was so excited to have access to my phone again (which had free access to Facebook!) that I hopped on Facebook as soon as I could.

I was excited that I had a Facebook message from my sister! I was so excited as I started reading it. But, what she was telling me…I was not too excited about. (Additional info: while I was in Scotland, she had started dating a guy that I had never met. She seemed to be happy about her new relationship, though…so I couldn’t say too much!)

The message started with “please don’t tell mom anything. I want to be the one to tell her, not you. So please please please don’t say anything! I just had to tell you and couldn’t wait.” OH BOY.

“So, you know I’ve been applying for jobs like crazy, right? Well, the new boy has as well…even more so than me. And he just got a job offer!” Ok, cool…why can’t I tell mom that?

“The job is in Kansas though.” Oh, bummer. You just met the kid…too bad.

“I’m moving there with him. I haven’t found a job yet, but I’m sure there’s lots of available jobs in Kansas.” WHAT?!?

“Don’t freak out on me now…I know what you’re going to say. I just wanted to tell you because I am so excited!! Love you + have fun with momma. We will skype when you aren’t with mom.” OHMYGOODNESS!!

So, I am sitting here, on a bus to London center…excited but F-R-E-A-K-I-N-G out! ESPECIALLY because I had to keep it all to myself. All of my other pals who had cell phones over there were on vacation outside of the U.K. so their cell wouldn’t work…and even if it did, I was with my mom pretty much 24/7 while we were traveling so I wouldn’t have had a chance to call and express my feelings to SOMEONE-ANYONE.

I did respond to my sister and say “WHAT?! Don’t you dare make a final decision without talk to me first…please!”

A couple of days went by…we did lots of site seeing +  had lots of fun.

In the midst of it all – my tongue was tied and my mind racing with thoughts. To top everything off, my sister never responded to my frantic response back. -She just met this kid and she is moving to Tornado Valley with him?! -What on earth is she going to be able to find to do in Kansas? She’s going to be so bored! -Oh boy…can’t imagine what the parents are going to say. -I haven’t even met the kid and she is going to move with Dorothy + Toto without me approving of the dude. -So much to think of.

After another week or so of enjoying life to the fullest but freaking out at the same time, I finally was back in my flat in Scotland…where I had the ability to talk with my sister. I honestly can’t remember if it was an e-mail or a skype message…I probably can’t remember due to how much I was surprised…but, my sister then simply asks me “Look at your facebook message again…look at the date.”

Yeah…April 1. So what?

-Come on Camille…April 1…

Yeah…what about it?


You’re dead meat when I get home! You have no clue how much it was killing me that I couldn’t talk to anyone about it!!

-I know. That’s what I did it.

What a great sister you are.

I must say…I was not the happiest with her at that point…I wanted to kick her booty to Kansas & back but now I can laugh about it…a lot.


So…Happy April Fools to you all!! Be on the alert…someone is going to try to get ya! 😉


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