Monday Ramblings

May 2, 2011 at 7:00 am Leave a comment

Yep. It’s Monday.

I don’t particularly hate Mondays like everyone else…usually my “off” days are when the moon is full – people are seriously crazy those days. (Not to get all superstitious on you, but try to make it a point to see how people act around the next full moon!)

Here in Florida, the days have been hot and the nights absolutely gorgeous – with a sky full of beautiful stars. Do you ever get lost in a moment of just taking in how beautiful the night sky is?

When I was younger, I remember thinking how insignificant I was – compared to the night sky…the billions and billions of stars in the sky – which can equate to the billions and billions of people in the world.

But you know what the most amazing thing is? (Although we might have our moments where we feel insignificant in the grand spectrum of things – that is when it is time to shake that feeling!) God has made each and every one of us with a PURPOSE! Most people go through life trying to figure out what their purpose in life is – perhaps feeling saddened when they are almost 30 and still unsure of what their life purpose truly is. But you know what? Being a Christ follower, it is our job to show ALL others the love that He gives us – it is our job to be a light for those who might need it – it is our job to share the good news of Christ with all – it is our job to be a vessel to heal the sick and feed the poor.

“Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations.” (Jeremiah 1:5)

So no matter how hard of a Monday you are having or what rough spot you might be going through in life today – YOU have a PURPOSE for your life! Before you were born or even thought about being conceived, your purpose in life was cherry picked for you by the One who loves you despite your short-comings.

The next time you think “man…today stinks!” –remember this!

Love you all very much! <3Camille


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