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– I have always found myself keeping a journal of my life  and thought it would be interesting to share a story from the past to better share my past and also hopes for the future. You can see here a normal day in the life of Vincenzo back in 2008. Funny how the work load is the same but my hearts desires have found themselves well buffed since then and changed for the better.

Day one of script


Started day to late to fit in a shave and wetting of hair. No shower was possible for work was at 3 and it was close to 2:30. Night prior at the Palazzatos left me a bit twisty in the morning and throughout the day. Overbearing and jealously in high gear was lingering within the air between I and the significant.

I started today Nick and fresh ideas that could one day land us where we want to be. Who knows what will get me there. I started the day off rough but ended on a good note. Meetings in place and agenda set for the week. I love Mondays for some reason. Quite cliché, I know. My father has been on my case for some time to be shared between the two, and I must say I much oblige. It just is a lot easier said than done with both of our schedules. More my fault then his, with most my time dedicated to either Ginn, Pickel, or even worse…..the significant.

I know God is eagerly awaiting my return back and I mark that day today. Ending with an amazing refreshing jog and non junk eating evening, I feel ready for tomorrow and to make it better. While contemplating this writing, it got me to thinking about my Poppy. Miss him and his humble wisdom enriched words. I know the worth of family and have fallen short of their presence. Tomorrow will be a good day. God anoint me with your power and presence and bless me with Your Glory.

-vincenzo Cellini desroches


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