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June 29, 2011 at 8:00 am 1 comment


Join with your family in making a commitment to good health. The following is a list of practical things you can do to keep yourself and your family healthy:

Good Nutrition

  • While a lot of fad diets may promote the neglect of specific food groups, the healthiest way to feed your body is a well-balanced diet. Your body needs the correct amounts of protein, carbohydrates and even fats to function properly.
  • The most neglected food groups are fruits and vegetables. Sneak them into your meals to try and get four to five servings of each a day. Put sliced fruit on your cereal or oatmeal or add veggies to your spaghetti sauce.
  • Whether you’re just “too busy” or trying to skimp on calories, skipping meals is never a good idea. Your body best metabolizes your food by getting a steady amount throughout the day. Consider eating five smaller meals instead of two or three large ones.
  • Drink plenty of water. Water is essential to transporting nutrients in your body, it aids in digestion and even helps to keep your skin healthy. If you have special health conditions, you may want to talk with your doctor about how much water to drink daily, but otherwise, the recommended amount is at least six to eight eight-ounce glasses a day.

Good Exercise

  • Exercise is essential to good health. Besides keeping your heart and body healthy, it lowers stress levels, helps increase energy levels and even helps you sleep better.
  • Talk with your doctor if you don’t already have an established routine — certain health conditions may limit the amount and level of strenuousness that you can handle.
  • Don’t overdo it — don’t expect to run a marathon if you’re just starting out. Gradually build up the amount of aerobic activity and amount of weights (or other resistance tools) that you lift each week rather than starting at advanced levels. Try to build up to a half hour of aerobic activity at least four days a week.
  • Be sure to rest. Overworking your body will actually work against you. And if you are weight training, give your muscles a day of rest in between trainings. Or alternate what muscle groups you use each day (i.e. lower body on Monday and Wednesday and upper body on Tuesday and Thursday).
  • Find out what works best for you. Some people find that exercising with a buddy provides motivation, accountability and social fun. Others prefer to workout alone.
  • You don’t need a gym membership or fancy home equipment to have good fitness. Try a home video series or even something simple such as jumping rope.
  • Don’t forget to stretch. Consider adding basic stretching exercises, yoga or pilates to your workout routine. Good flexibility will help prevent backaches and sports injuries and will help you keep good posture.

Good Sense

  • Be sure to make your annual checkup with your doctor. And don’t forget any recommended screenings and vaccinations for your age group and that of your family.
  • Don’t forget dental health — beyond what you do at home with brushing and flossing, be sure to schedule regular cleanings with your dentist.
  • Be sure to get enough sleep each night. Studies have shown that lack of sleep can lead to poor metabolism, concentration problems and increased stress.
  • Keep yourself spiritually healthy as well. Numerous studies have shown that people who attend regular church services and pray are less likely to have stress-related illnesses.

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  • 1. Michelle  |  June 30, 2011 at 12:47 pm

    Great post and adorable picture! I agree and cannot stress the importance of proper nutrition and exercise enough! I don’t want to imagine the money I could have saved or more importantly the missed opportunities, be it family functions or an outing with friends, that I, or a loved one, has had to miss due to an illness.(A child’s nightmare of empty seats in the auditorium was too common.) A year ago nutrition and exercise did not exist in my life. But today I stand before you a totally different person. I quit smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol saving myself close to $2,000+ in the first 9 months alone and I will never miss the stench or hangovers. I don’t eat meat or animal products and haven’t for close to a year now. For starters, I’m able to fit into the same sizes I did in high school, my skin is absolutely flawless, and I haven’t had a cold, flu, headaches, or any type of ailment in 10 months. These are big changes, yes, but I have seen nothing but big results. Bottom line- it is our responsibility to take care of the temples we were all given. These are neither drastic nor unattainable results by any means, either. It took a lot of hard work on my part and is very achievable with set goals, determination and an unwavering support system of family and friends. I love jump roping, it is amazing for cardio! Also I love hula-hooping for cardio. It is really simple and easy on bones and joints. But 2 of the most important lessons I have learned during my transformation is to just breathe! When life gets too hectic- pause and take a moment to regain composure, then you’ll be able to confidently access any situation with a level head. The second is to acknowledge the fact that most things are out of our hands. Life is a roller coaster and it is our responsibility to strap ourselves in and hang on for dear life.

    Good vibes to all who take the initiative to change their lives for the better. Your body and children will thank you!



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