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Have you ever been threatened or informed by an individual that they were going to seek harm on you? Maybe even constant harassment?

If you have – report them here using these methods:


    • Include the name and address of the person to whom you are sending the letter in the first section of your anti-harassment letter, formatting it as you would any other type of letter. This should be followed by the name and address of the person or business about whom you are writing the letter. For example, if you are writing to ABC Company about the conduct of one of its employees, that employee’s name and address (if known) should appear directly below the company’s information.

    • 2

      Begin your letter by describing the offending behavior(s) or action(s). Be very specific and include all pertinent information, including time, dates, places and witnesses. Be professional; your letter will be ineffective if you are anything less.

    • 3

      State very clearly that you are requesting that the behavior or action stop immediately. Again, be specific and maintain professionalism.

    • 4

      In the last section of your letter, indicate that if the offending behavior or action does not immediately stop, you are fully prepared to take further legal action. Do not use threatening language, but elaborate by stating calmly that you will pursue the matter in a particular court (if known) or that you will seek restitution, if applicable or necessary.

    • 5

      Mail your letter via certified mail with return receipt requested. Certified mail requires a signature and return receipt means you will get a copy of the signature of the person who signed for the letter. If you do not send your letter certified, the recipient can claim that they never received it and you will have no proof that they, in fact, did receive it.

In this day and age it is always safe to consider everyone as un-stable and filled with chronic lies as Casey Anthony. Never allow this type of treatment last and be sure to take serious action immediately.

Use the ease of access over the web to have these individuals reported – the sooner you have things documented the better.

Much love

– Baby Pickel


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