In-Laws Alarms

November 12, 2011 at 11:27 am Leave a comment

Content by Mac Kline

I was in town visiting my in-laws. My husband was giving lectures at the University during the week, so I didn’t have too much to do. Both of my in-laws were working and I decided that I was going to stay home and then run to the grocery store to do the shopping for the week for my mother-in-law. I planned on cooking beef bourganion. I like to let my simmer for a long time, so that it really gets a good flavor, so I left before everyone went to work. When I came back and was carrying the groceries in, I set off the alarm. Every code that I tried ( that I thought were the codes) wouldn’t turn it off. adt ALARMS called and I gave what I thought was the password, the password was wrong! So they had to send the police out to investigate the situation. I was embarrassed that I was such a dummy and couldn’t remember any of the information. To make matters worse, I kept my maiden name and my license didn’t prove that I was family. It took about thirty minutes to resolve the situation and by then the ice creamhad melted.


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