Our Momma’s

To our Momma’s:

We thank God for each one of you by name everyday for the amazing miracles He has done for you and to us for allowing Him to have crossed our paths together.

May we learn together how to plant seeds in good soil of giving and servant hood through our everyday life.

We thank you for everything you have done and allowing us to be blessed by you and for allowing us to bless you.

It is because of you we are here doing what we do and from now to forever are great-full to be part of your family!

If you or someone you know could use a special blessing please contact us at: love4moms(@)live.com

We love you!


Sara Bella

Its not the typical story, I wasn’t singing at age two, performing at age 4, or playing guitar at age six. In fact, I’ve kept quiet the majority of my life; I was listening. I’ve always been fascinated with music, especially lyrics. A great song is a great escape. However, it wasn’t until I graduated college, and couldn’t find a job, that I began playing guitar seriously. And while I have never taken any lessons in anything music related, I’ve been able to figure out the basics on my own. It was during that year of unemployment that I began writing more songs than I could keep track of. However, that was not my first or only year of songwriting. That is one thing I did begin very young. I can clearly remember writing lyrics against the brick wall of my elementary school during recess. And in junior high, instead of passing notes, I was passing lyrics between friends. Something just clicked, however, when the guitar came around, and songs started pouring out. Of course with a guitar and lyrics, singing gets added into the picture. And while I love to sing, and I love to play, by far my favorite aspect of music is songwriting. I have no idea what the future holds but I just thank God for giving me an opportunity to even try.




The beautiful Tashamonique

My name is Tashamonique; I am a mother of two wonderful sons. My first born, who is 5 years old now his name is Malaki. Last December I gave birth to my second son, Joel Jr. he is 8 months old now. I grew up in Florida and graduated from Flagler Palm Coast High School Class of 2003 woohoo. Shortly after graduating High School, I moved back to my hometown of Williamsport, Pa to take care of my ailing grandmother. My grandmother passed away in 2007 from lung cancer and things started going downhill for me from that moment on. I couldn’t find a job and so my boyfriend said don’t worry about it, you stay home with the boys and I will take care of you. Well that lasted all of a year and a half; things started becoming really tight around the house with two adults and two children. I didn’t know where to turn or what to do. I can’t exactly tell you how Pickel and I came in contact with you, but it sure was a sign from the Lord. Pickel Clothing not only helped me out with clothes and school supplies, but their words of wisdom from their blogs brought me hope for each new day. I wake up every morning and sit down with my cup of coffee anxiously waiting to see what the Lord and do with me today through their words. Pickel is truly a GOD sent company and I know in my heart they will be helping mothers and families like me for many years to come.

Favorite Quote : Life ain’t always beautiful, but it’s a beautiful ride!



The beautiful Sara

Hey my name is Sara!

I lived in Flagler County for 21 years before moving to Jacksonville to finish college at UNF. I started working in the retail sports industry and made a huge career move and will be living in Chicago and working with the NFL. I love animals and support Second Chance Animal Rescue in Bunnell. I love children and have taught Sunday School at First Baptist Church of Downtown Jacksonville for 3 years. I spend a lot of time babysitting and hanging out with my 9 year old cousin. I am also a big supporter of OmniPeace which is a charity that helps women in the Congo.

I love Pickel because they are dedicated to Moms, Kids, Babies, and God. With Pickel as such an amazing influence, they inspire me to give and love the Moms and Babies that need our help everyday! We often think we are having a rough time, until we are reminded- God has blessed us to be able to provide for others.


The beautiful Grace!

My name is Grace Hodgin and I became aware of the Pickel organization through Palm Coast Macaroni Kids newsletter.  They were an organization that seems to echo my motto in life and that is to “Extend A Helping Hand To Those In Need”.  It is my belief that there is no higher calling than being a mother so I’m always glad to team up with an organization with the same views.



What a wonderful mommy she is going to be - SO SOON!

My name is Meghan Price. I’m 28 years old and pregnant with my first baby due in November! I’m very excited to be a mother and have been blessed by family and friends with all the things we will need for our new baby girl. Because we have been blessed so much, when I heard about all the wonderful things Pickel is doing to help out mothers and families, I knew God would want me to help as well. Pickel is a great new company that is led by God and I can’t wait to see how much it grows and how many families can be helped. I hope to always do what I can to help out such a wonderful new company.



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